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Company Profile

Ember Hue Corporation Pte Ltd , established in 1995, is the developer of exclusive high-end products that cater to enhance total wellness and quality of life through the provision of superior health foods and beauty products.
We offer a comprehensive variety of health and wellness products to help people achieve optimal health and quality of life. By selecting highly effective preventive ingredients, Ember Hue helps individuals enjoy the best quality of life with lifestyle products that without compromise.

We develop & OEM comprehensive range of health foods and supplements, which includes organic foods and beverages, vitamins, and natural beauty formula that combine scientific knowledge and effective ingredients. Our unique products are based on precious ingredients – for the most part of natural origin from eastern and western.

Our skin care made from 100% natural and active ingredients. They are ancient beauty secrets and herbal formulation that works extremely well, and tolerated by the skin to promote a sense of well-being.

Our products are developed by our in-house R&D department together with leading manufacturers in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Thailand.